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Who's Who in the DCCJ Interview Part 2

Date August 20, 2013





Interview with Lars Andersson from Grine Planning on his receiving the Good Design Award 



DCCJ: A big congratulations with the ”Good Design Award 2013”. What will this mean to you and Universal Robots?

Thank you!

Receiving the Good Design Award fromJapan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) is a recognition of design, quality and functionality.

The award confirms that Universal Robots has struck the right note, which hopefully will lead to more business in Japan.

DCCJ: Tell us about yourself I run my own business, where I mainly sell Universal Robots. I hold a Master of Science Degree from the Technical University of Denmark

with speciality in Mechatronics. I have spent most of my career, working with industrial robots and automation, mainly in Japan towards the Japanese automotive industry.

DCCJ: What is Universal Robots all about?

Universal Robots make automation available for everybody. Universal Robots are for everybody, from small and medium sized enterprises to big global corporations.

The robots are extremely compact and can be used without safety fences. The robots have a low weight and can easily be moved around in the production. Programming is done by sheer intuition: Move the robot's arm yourself and show it the movement it has to make. If you buy the robot with an adapted tool, it can be ready to run just a few hours after you take delivery.

DCCJ: When did you come to Japan?

I came to Japan in 1993 and I have been here without interruption for 20 years.

DCCJ: Why Japan?

Back in 1993 I received a scholarship from the European Union to join the EU Executive Training Programme in Japan for 18 months.

At that time I was working for ABB and my job was heavily influenced by competition from Japan. Privately I was already studying the Japanese language and culture, hence ETP fulfilled my dream to be able to learn the language and the Japanese business culture first hand.

DCCJ: What is your working experience in Japan?

In 1995 I joined ABB Gadelius K.K., where my task was to strengthen the ABB Robots Sales and improve communications

with the headquarters in Europe. I spent 15 years with ABB in Japan, where I gained valuable knowledge about Japanese business and intercultural communications. In 2010 I started my own company with the task to help Scandinavian companies finding their ways into the Japanese market.

Universal Robots is my first success story and I am proud to be the one who has brought Universal Robots up on the Japanese stage.

DCCJ: What do you expect from DCCJ? DCCJ should keep up the good work arranging both business events and social events for networking.

DCCJ: What about your hobbies? What do you do when you are not selling robots?

Selling robots take a lot of my time. However, I do reset every weekend. I enjoy hiking and climbing mountains.

Cooking and indulging in the Japanese cuisine in the evening together with my wife Kimiko is my favorite.

Last but not least I am very fond of Japanese sake, which is a fascinating drink to explore.

DCCJ: If you could spend a million Japanese Yen, What woud you do?

I would go for a trip "down under" together with my wife. Australia and New Zealand is still unexplored territory to me

and I would be delighted to go there.

DCCJ: What is your favorite Japanese dish?

The Japanese cuisine is the best in the world and picking just one dish is difficult. Among the many I would probably choose Sushi, which I enjoy making myself.



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