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DCCJ June Who's Who in town! Introducing Mr. Stefan Linde Jakobsen, The New Chairman of the DCCJ

Date June 4, 2014

The DCCJ is proud to introduce its new Chairman

Mr. Stefan Linde Jakobsen

Kim Knudsen, The Executive Director of the DCCJ, had time to catch up with him and ask a few questions.

KK: Tell us about yourself

I’m in Japan on my 11th year, working for Danish medtech manufacturer Coloplast for 9 of those years, and since 2012 I have been heading up the Japanese subsidiary of Coloplast on an exciting journey towards becoming one of the world’s leading medical device companies.

KK: What about your hobbies? What do you do when you are not sitting at your desk?

I run a lot! I seem to always find myself training for the next marathon, so you can often find me running around the Imperial Palace or along the Sumidagawa River. I also like to ski in winter and take photos of my family.

KK: What is Coloplast all about?

Our mission is to “make life easier for people with intimate health care needs” and we specialize in a few chronic conditions like people with a stoma or a spinal cord injury. We study the life of these groups of handicapped people very carefully and in close dialogue with them, and with health care professionals, we develop new innovative solutions. In Japan our task is to promote and deliver these solutions to the Japanese consumers.

KK: Have you been in other countries besides Japan?
I grew up in Denmark but have also lived in Australia, France and Germany before arriving in Japan. I lived 35% of my life outside of Denmark so far.

KK: What is your vision for DCCJ?

My vision is clear: I want to revitalize DCCJ while keeping the strengths from the past. We are here for our members but it is not always straightforward what the needs of our members are. We are currently in the Board of Directors considering what DCCJ should focus and prioritize our scarce resources on so we can stay relevant for our members and make a difference in the Danish-Japanese business community.

KK: If you had a million Japanese Yen, what would you do?

Invest them to make a few, really high quality DCCJ “flagship” events and to support relevant DCCJ work streams that could lead to more influence for the Danish-Japanese business community.

KK: What is your favorite Danish dish?

I have many. One of the dishes I miss the most, when I am away from Denmark for longer periods, is the traditional Danish “smørrebrød” lunch table with dark rye bread and multiple varieties of cold cuts of meat and fish and some warm dishes too.

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