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DCCJ July Who's Who in town! Introducing Mr. Yoshitsugu Sato, Managing Director of Linak K.K

Date July 1, 2014

The DCCJ is proud to introduce
Mr. Yoshitsugu Sato
Managing Director, Linak K.K.

KK: Tell us about yourself

I have been working at LINAK for 8 years as sales manager and for 2 years as managing director. I have spent most of my career in sales in various industries.
My home town is Nagoya and I moved to Kanagawa 9 years ago and live in Kawasaki now.

KK: What is Linak all about?

We are a manufacturer and leading company of electrical actuators. We provide innovative actuator solutions which improve people’s quality of life and working environment. Our products are integrated in various applications such as hospital/care beds, medical equipment, agricultural machinery or office desk etc….
LINAK JAPAN was established in 2003 as one of subsidiary of LINAK group and we have been running  business in Japanese market for 11 years.
We are aiming to be such a company who can get the fully acceptance by our Japanese customers in this market with long term view.

KK: Have you been in other countries besides Japan?

I have lived in Sydney, Australia for a year. And also I luckily had a many chances to go to other countries both on business and private. It is always nice for me to feel some differences when I go out.

KK: What do you expect from DCCJ?

To create both social and business network.

KK: What about your hobbies? What do you do when you are not sitting at your desk?

I like any outdoor activities such as a horse riding, camping or hiking.  
Especially I am really crazy about a horse riding recently and I go out on weekend as much as possible.
Actually, my desk is Hi-Lo adjustable desk using our products, so I am standing 40~50% of my time even when I am at the office.  To work with standing that is really good for our health.

KK: If you a million Japanese Yen, what would you do?

I would use it for my vacation. I would love to go somewhere south islands just like Maldives, Okinawa, Hawai etc
I will do scuba diving and just relaxing there.

KK: What is your favorite Danish dish?

I like any Danish breads. Hotdog and the pork with brown sauce are also my favorites.

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