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DCCJ August Who's Who in town! Introducing Mr. Kosuke Ueyama, Chief Executive Officer, TriAx Corp.

Date August 1, 2014

The DCCJ is proud to introduce

Mr. Kosuke Ueyama

Chief Executive Officer, TriAx Corp.

Many of you are wondering who is behind the newly designed DCCJ webpage.  The DCCJ would very much like to introduce in our monthly Who's Who section, the company that made that possible, TriAx Corporation and we had time to catch up with Mr. Kosuke Ueyama, the Chief Executive Officer of TriAx Corp.


KK: Tell us about your company?


Ueyama-san: We provide our clients "Web marketing solutions that realize Japanese hospitality."

Our products are: "LaCoon" that makes Website maintenance simple and easy and "SATORI" that enables you to provide website tailored to the needs of each visitors .


KK: What is the difference between your company and others?

Ueyama-san:  We provide leading CMS/CXM software on cloud and one-stop web solutions.

KK: How can your company serve the DCCJ?

Ueyama-san: We can serve as a partner of helping web operations and as adviser about what the DCCJ needs on website.

KK: What can the DCCJ do for you?

Ueyama-san: Introduce us to DCCJ members so that we can assist with any needs they may have.

KK: How is the new DCCJ homepage an improvement from the old?

Ueyama-san:  We have renewed the visual design of the webpage as well as enhacing the usability of the webpage to up-to-date standards.  Also, we have managed to refine the web management system of the page as well.


KK: What can the DCCJ members benefit from the new DCCJ homepage?

Ueyama-san:  The new DCCJ homepage allows for easier viewing for those who want to know about DCCJ as well as for easier collaboration on website

If anyone is interested in knowing more about TriAx Corp., please visit

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