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DCCJ November Who's Who in town! Introducing Mr. Hiroshi Omori, President, Marumoto Struers

Date November 3, 2014

The DCCJ is proud to introduce

Mr. Hiroshi Omori

President of Marumoto Struers

In our monthly Who's Who Special, The DCCJ would very much like to introduce Mr. Hiroshi Omori,  President of Marumoto Struers. Executive Director, Kim Knudsen, had the opportunity t have a brief interview with her.

KK: Tell us about yourself

My name is Hiroshi Omori. I am a president of Marumoto Struers. I joined this company about 5 years ago. In the past, I had worked for several foreign companies but never worked for Danish Company before. I really have been enjoying in quite new working environment since then.

KK: What is Marumoto Struers all about?

Marumoto Struers is a subsidiary of Struers A/S in Denmark and located near Ueno Station in Tokyo. Struers A/S has 6 subsidiaries globally. We are specialized in Metallographic and supply variety of equipments, accessories and consumables for customer's sample preparation process. Our market is niche but we serve for thousands of industrial companies, institutes and universities in Japan by supporting their quality assurance in production, failure analysis and also R&D. We have 50 employees in 3 locations (Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka) and have Laboratory for demonstration and solution service in Tokyo.

KK: Have you been in other countries besides Japan?

Though I had visited many countries worldwide as short stay in my life, country that I had actually lived beside Japan is USA. I had lived in Boston for 3 years. it was not in my student time but It was long time ago.

KK: What do you expect from DCCJ?

We recently became a DCCJ member with much expectation to meet people who work for Danish companies and know each other. Please continue varieties of event proposals.

KK: What about your hobbies? What do you do when you are not sitting at your desk?

I was born in Nagano. So I loved skiing. But I have been away from it since having backache.( not bad though ) Instead, I play tennis with my family. Also I like to watch movies.

KK: If you a million Japanese Yen, what would you do?

I would like to invite many of my old friends with their families to overnight party at Onsen Ryokan.

KK: What is your favorite Danish dish?

Actually not dish though, I really love variety of Danish cheese very much.

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