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The Danish Chamber of Commerce in Japan Annual General Meeting 2015


Date April 21, 2015
Max Capacity 50 people
Deadline For Registration Monday April 20, 2015, 00:00

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No. Company/Organization Name
1 Kompan DCCJ Member Yumiko Tamura
2 N/A Ole Sorensen
3 Thorco Shipping Japan Ltd. DCCJ Member Tomohiro Kotaki
4 ISG Koichiro Yoshida
6 KDDI Corporation Soichi TSUKUI
7 Investor Ltd. DCCJ Member Soren Faber Larsen
8 University of Tokyo DCCJ Member Mathias William Mørkhøj Larsen
9 Grundfos Pumps K.K. DCCJ Member Hideo Shirakawa
10 Andersen Bakery DCCJ Member Shinya Isobe
11 Independent DCCJ Member Naoyuki Fukui
12 Royal Greenland Japan Ltd DCCJ Member Yasunori Nagai
13 Royal Greenland Japan Ltd DCCJ Member Yasutaka Kodaira
14 Arla Foods Japan DCCJ Member Carsten Nielsen
15 The Ingenium Group, Inc. DCCJ Member Per Knudsen
16 Hitachi Systems,Ltd. Ying ZHANG
17 Sony Mobile Communications Inc. Yang JI
18 Milestone Systems DCCJ Member Erik Friis Mondorf
19 Bay Marine DCCJ Member Bjarne Carlsen
20 Halfdan Nielsen Consulting DCCJ Member Halfdan Nielsen
21 Royal Danish Embassy DCCJ Member Nanami Brandt
22 Royal Danish Embassy DCCJ Member Hans Peter Kay
23 Scan Global Logistics K.K. DCCJ Member Henrik Irmov
24 Marumoto Struers K.K. DCCJ Member Hiroshi Omori
25 Danish Crown Japan DCCJ Member Erik Lauridsen
26 Scandinavian Living DCCJ Member Ken Hashiba Diderichsen
27 Japan Heavy Lift Inc DCCJ Member Leif Kempel
28 FOSS Japan Ltd DCCJ Member Klaus Jacobsen
29 Maersk Line A/S DCCJ Member Jørgen Harling
30 Normeca Asia Co., Ltd. DCCJ Member Hiroki Tanaka
31 EAC Japan DCCJ Member William Boesen
32 interior keikaku inc. DCCJ Member hideo kawawaki
33 Grine Planning ltd DCCJ Member Lars Andersson
34 RIKEN DCCJ Member Bo Thomsen
35 Coloplast KK DCCJ Member Stefan Linde Jakobsen
36 Novo Nordisk Pharma Ltd. DCCJ Member Claus Eilersen
37 ECCO Japan Co., Ltd. Keiko Inuzuka
38 The Tokyo American Club Kim Knudsen
39 BoConcept Japan K.K. DCCJ Member Benny Storgaard
40 Radiometer KK DCCJ Member Sadakatsu Maru


The Danish Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Annual General Meeting Tuesday April 21, 2015 18:00- 21:00

At the Tokyo American Club

Once again it is time for the Annual General Meeting for DCCJ. With the help of our members and new members, DCCJ has continously kept strong and looking for a better and stronger year in 2015. We have prepared the first half of the event or the AGM to present last year's results, DCCJ Organization, and upcoming exciting activities for you.

Second half of the event we will have a special presentation by Mr. Andrew Staples, Director of the Economist Network (click here for BIO)

Topic : Japan’s business system: continuity and change 

Japan developed one of the world’s most powerful business systems based on high levels of technical skills in manufacturing, the building of globally significant brands and an ability to engage workers in product improvement and quality assurance: indeed, Japanese manufacturers came to dominate key sectors including automobiles, machine tools and consumer electronics.

But disappointing performance over the past two decades suggests that Japan’s business system has an inability to adapt to changing circumstances, and pervious strengths have become handicaps.

Join us as we invite Dr. Andrew Staples, Director of the Economist Corporate Network, to consider continuity and change in the Japanese business system.

 So, please sign-up for this event – we are sure you will enjoy good food and wine, good networking, and good speakers to make it an enjoyable evening.


Program 17:30-18:00: Registration
18:00-18:30: DCCJ AGM (Only for Members)
18:30-18:45: Short Break
18:45-19:30: Presentation 
19:30-21:00: Buffet

Please view below for further information:

Date: April 21, 2015, (Tuesday)

*Time for AGM: 18:00- 18:30 (Registration from 17:30)

Room: Manhattan III

Time for Special Guest Presentation: 18:30- 19:30

Room: Manhattan III

Time for Buffet: 19:30- 21:00

Room: Manhattan III

Non DCCJ members are kindly asked to arrive from 18:30 (After the DCCJ AGM)

Fee: DCCJ Members Free of Charge. Non DCCJ members JPY 7000  

However, Free of Charge applies only for 1 per person per Corporate Member . Any additional guests will be charged 5,000JPY

For Individual member only 1 applies, and all guest exceeding 7000 yen per person.

Deadline for registration: April 17, 2015 (Friday) (Non-members) Noshows and cancellation after deadline will be charged

Venue: The Tokyo American Club: note: no parking available for non TAC members.

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