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Kirin Cup Soccer Match - Denmark vs Bosnia and Herzegovina on 3 June, 2016

DCCJ Event

Date June 3, 2016
Max Capacity 20 people
Deadline For Registration Monday May 23, 2016, 00:00


As many of you know the Danish national soccer team is playing against Bosnia and Herzegovina Friday the 3rd of June in Nagoya.
We have been fortunate to acquire some tickets to this match and the Japan - Bulgaria match later that day through the Danish Soccer Association (DBU). Currently the amount of tickets is unknown, but we are told to gather a list of interested people and report back to them. We will of course communicate the status of the tickets in a timely manner to those interested in watching the match.

We are leaving the details of getting to Nagoya and finding a place to stay there to the participants, but do provide an official trip to Nagoya stadium for those wishing to travel together to the match from Tokyo.
11:45 Meet at Silver Bell at Tokyo Station.
11:55 Walk to Shinkanzen platform.
12:10 Shinkansen leaves Tokyo Station.
13:55-14:05 Arrival and gathering at Nagoya Station.
14:15 Local train to Toyota Stadium.
15:31 Gather outside Stadium and find seats.
16:00 Denmark - Bosnia starts.
19:40 Japan - Bulgaria starts.
1) Tickets cost 9,300 yen each and signups are binding. We will try to get your money back, but 
2) At this moment we are not 100% sure how many tickets are available. In case of fewer than 20 tickets the tickets will be handed out on a first come first serve basis.
3) Since the matches go on till after 20:30 it will be impossible to catch a train back to Tokyo after the matches
4) Hotel and Shinkansen Fare is not included in the price.
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