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Joint Nordic Knowledge Evening: Cybersecurity - The Two-Edged Sword of Social Media

Date February 21, 2017

Joint Nordic Knowledge Evening Organized by SCCJ

Cybersecurity and The Double-Edged Sword of Social Media

How it can help, and hurt, your business and brand

18:30-20:30 Tuesday February 21st, 2017

Social media has become the platform for businesses to engage users, clients and customers. It is estimated companies will spend 
$35.98 billion this year, representing 16.0% of all digital ad spending globally. One facet of SNS that is rearing its ugly head these days is the damage and negative impact it can have on your business as we can see in the news everyday. Both individuals and organizations get their identity hijacked, leading to misuse, abuse, defamation and often financial consequences for the victim.

So how to protect and prepare yourself and your business for possible negative SNS influence on your business? In this event, we will assemble a panel of SNS experts to identify these possible dangers and discuss what companies should do to protect themselves - both preemptively and in a damage control scenario.

And there will be plenty of time for questions and discussions, mingle and networking with drinks and some food before we start, all of which is at the core of a Knowledge Evening.

 Date:            Tuesday February 21st, 2017
 Time:            18:30-20:30
 Venue:          Embassy of Sweden 1-10-3-100 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo Get directions
 Cost:             Members 3,000 yen, Non-members 4,000 yen.
 Registration: Please email to

Deadline for Cancellations: Monday February 20th, 2017

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