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The DCCJ Notice Board is a forum where guests and members can post their classifieds for one month, such as job openings, job seekers, etc. If you would like to make a posting, please send an e-mail to DCCJ Secretariat.

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ECCO 20% discount coupon for Danish Company employees

Date:May 2, 2017 NEWS

Dear all,

Please find below coupon to 20% discount for ECCO Shoes.
Please note that it is at limited stores only.
And that different terms apply (pls read the terms in the coupon, Japanese language only)


Danish Master Students visit to Japan

Date:July 31, 2017 NEWS

Dear DCCJ members,

The DCCJ has recieved the below attachment information from Danish Master Students.

Please CLICK below for information
1 Coverletter

2 Video

Message from the students:

Hope the above have inspired you to meet with us. We are by now open to meeting on Wednesday 11th October and Thursday 12th October, but flexible for other proposals.

Don't hesitate to contact one of us:

Jim Lasse Holzmann

Patrik Lundell Christensen

Sofie Ambeck



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