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The DCCJ Notice Board is a forum where guests and members can post their classifieds for one month, such as job openings, job seekers, etc. If you would like to make a posting, please send an e-mail to DCCJ Secretariat.

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Who’s Who – Mr. Klaus Jacobsen, President & Representative Director of Origio Japan K.K.

Date:December 13, 2016 NEWS

Mr. Jacobsen was born in Copenhagen and gained master degree in economics there. He visited Japan once in 1984 and came back to take part in the ETP (EU Executive Training Programme sponsored by EU and Keidanren) in 1989. He has been working for Radiometer, Alcatel-Lucent and Foss. He assumed the role as President and Representative Director of Origio Japan in May 2016. Following this Origio joined as a member of DCCJ. Mr. Jacobsen is also an active board DCCJ board member since 2015.

Q: What is Origio all about?

The company was founded in 1987 in Denmark. We are the biggest supplier for products needed for ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) in the world. We manufacture and supply ART media, consumables, ART devices, and equipment such as incubators. Japan is our second biggest market after the US. Today approx 5% of all births in Japan involves some kind of ART treatment.

Q: Any news from the company?

We are planning to expand into the diagnostic area as well.

Q: Have you lived in other countries besides Japan?

Lived in the UK – I went to boarding school there!

Q: What about your hobbies?

Road racing, bicycling, and classical music. I also like history (Japanese and European) especially modern Japanese after the Meiji era of Japan.

Q: What do you like about Japan?

I like its general atmosphere and work place as well. There is a sense that we work together. I also like its climate, except of summer!

Q: What do you miss about Denmark?

The long summer evening – we can sit in the garden and just enjoy ourselves.
Actually I miss its spring too. Spring is there only for like ONE week so it is intense and the colour is strong.

Q: What is your favorite food/dish?


Q: If you become the governor of Tokyo now, what would you do/change?

I will make a separate path for bicycles. I will make a system which is more convenient for bicycle users, such as an easier parking system, thus it will be good for pedestrians too.

Q: What do you expect from DCCJ?

To contribute business development between Denmark and Japan, to make Denmark more visible, to be a side to give something not to be given.

Playing to Win: The Denmark Team at YONEX Open Japan 2016

Date:October 19, 2016 NEWS

Thanks to Grundfos Pumps, here is the article of interview of Danish badminton players Mads Conrad Petersen and Hans-Kristian Vittinghus, as well as their coach Thomas Stavngaard. They visited Tokyo for the YONEX Open Japan 2016 tournament in this September.

CLICK HERE for the whole interview.
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