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The DCCJ Notice Board is a forum where guests and members can post their classifieds for one month, such as job openings, job seekers, etc. If you would like to make a posting, please send an e-mail to DCCJ Secretariat.

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Who’s Who – Mr. Erik Friis Mondorf, President & Representative Director of Milestone Systems K.K.

Date:September 29, 2016 NEWS

Mr. Mondorf has lived in Japan for 19 years. Before joining Milestone Systems in February 2014, he worked for the Trade Council at the Danish Embassy in Japan, Accenture in Denmark, as well as the East Asiatic Company. He earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Technical University of Denmark, studied Japanese at Nagoya University, and also holds a master’s degree in economics from Shinshu University.

Q: What is Milestone Systems all about?

Founded in 1998 in Denmark, Milestone Systems is the global industry leader in open platform video management software. We protect people and assets by delivering powerful surveillance that is easy to manage, reliable and proven in more than 150,000 customer installations around the world. Milestone operates as a stand-alone company in the Canon Group.

Q: Any news from the company?

We are doing business in 130 countries through certified distributors and system integrators. We are strong in the US and EMEA and now stepping up activities in APAC including Japan - so if you need video surveillance, please contact us at

Q: Have you lived in other countries besides Japan?

Born and raised in Denmark. Also lived in Sweden (Stockholm)

Q: What about your hobbies?

I like going to open-air hot springs (and enjoying a cold Japanese beer afterwards)! Skiing.

Q: What do you like about Japan?

The sincerity of the Japanese people and consideration for fellow colleagues and business partners. The scale of business and commitment to honor what you (finally) agreed to do! Also I like the food here and Japan keeps me away from the Danish winter!

Q: What do you miss about Denmark?

Danish midsummer evenings!

Q: What is your favorite food/dish?

Sashimi, yakitori, and teppanyaki.

Q: If you become the governor of Tokyo now, what would you do/change?

Remove all fax machines from public offices and email-enable the entire organization. Further, extend the Tokyo metropolitan government’s current real-time interpretation services for shoppers, to signboard translation services for department stores, train and metro stations, public offices, etc. – on second thoughts, this would mean less fun reading them! And of course, allocate sufficient funds for building suitable surveillance systems prior to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Q: If you can attend Tokyo Olympics and anything is possible, in which sport would you like to participate?

I assisted the Danish broadcaster, DR, during the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998 and the Games are simply fantastic! If I could be 20 years old in 2020, then I would definitely go for Judo.

Q: What do you expect from DCCJ?

To organize events for knowledge-intake-and-sharing such as seminars inviting internal and external speakers. Everything involving businesses between Denmark and Japan.

Milestone is pleased to be a DCCJ web banner sponsor.

Request for EBC White Paper Sponsorship

Date:September 7, 2016

Currently, the EBC is reaching out to European companies for White Paper sponsorship.  The EBC would be delighted if your company would be willing to sponsor the publication this year. The EBC report is a key document for providing the necessary input for the FTA negotiations as well as focusing the Japanese government’s attention on the many issues that are not included in the negotiations.

Please see below for the sponsorship options. The EBC will greatly appreciate any support that you can provide.

There are 2 forms: 1) Official Sponsorship Form; 2) White Paper Pre-Order Form.

Thank you very much for your consideration and support.

WHITE PAPER SPONSORSHIP (including postage of white papers)

Sponsor Category Amount (Yen) Benefits

Pinnacle Sponsors
500,000 Company logo in colour on single-logo page in WP – near front and back of report
Unlimited sets of WPs
Logo on homepage & dedicated web page for 12 months
Name listed in Eurobiz Japan

Gold-Star Sponsors
Company logo in colour on two-logo page in WP – near front and back of report
5 sets of WPs
Logo on homepage & dedicated web page for 12 months
Name listed in Eurobiz Japan

Blue-Star Sponsors
Company logo in colour on three-logo page in WP – near front and back of report
3 sets of WPs
Logo on homepage & dedicated web page for 12 mon ths
Name listed in Eurobiz Japan

Special Sponsors
Company name on 5-name page in WP
2 sets of WPs
Company name on dedicated web page for 12 months
Name listed in Eurobiz Japan

Company name on 10-name page in WP
1 set of WPs
Company name on dedicated web page for 12 months
Name listed in Eurobiz Japan

Company name on 30-name page in WP


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